• RTOmaster is running under the shadow of market giant and leader in globally IT service provider remove HawksCode Softwares Pty. Ltd. We work hard on making our roots strong with cliets and we keep evolving to keep on providing the best-out-of-rest RTO Management Services .
  • RTOmaster was found 4 year ago because of business problems with past two suppliers which stopped the business. By undergoing the RTOmaster development we got to know the importance of pioneers in both the programing execution and client.
  • Services from RTOmaster is like the highest flying eagle which is having the desire of making the maximum hunts from the industries like Online study, online business and other small industries as per their need and budget. Our crew reacts quickly to the request or demand of the client.

Why only RTOmaster?

✔   RTOmaster is flexible to access and it is an independent platform.

✔   RTOmaster is cloud based web-application, which you can access anywhere and anytime.

✔   RTOmaster is user friendly and has a simple graphical interface.

✔   RTOmaster has been integrated with other business applications to make everything easy for the client.

✔  RTOmaster encrypts the data to improve user information security as compared to the other RTO system.

✔  RTOmaster comes with real time integration of the information you provide.

✔   RTOmaster gives you the ability to build a rich profile such that it is enriched with more cooperate opportunities.

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    STEP 1


    Explore the world of RTOmaster, take your time in wondering every corner of this digital world of education. Business from the small size of an ant to as big as an elephant can be found here. Find all the help and services you need.

    Like a crystal,RTOmaster is always clear and transparent. We have nothing to hide from you in any terms or conditions.

    Make up your mind on what type of service you want to go with out of all the services we are offering. Select the package that fits your budget. Select the type of profile you are interested in. After checking all these things,considering all the gain you will be getting in the future by joining us.

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    STEP 2

    Sign Up

    You might wonder why one need to sign up if it is just a purchasing of service? No, we don't just convince you to buy our products but we have also made a system that will help you in maintaining all the assistance that you get from us. You can manually manage all your tasks, work, meeting, classes and many more things. In short you will get the power to control work and schedule of everything in your hands.

    This cloud service is flexible to any and every platform. The platform's independency makes it more useful. To gain this power, you just need to fill up the simple free sign up page and provide your details to our cloud data storage. This cloud service is flexible and accessible to any platform. So join us with no regret and join a beautiful tomorrow.

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    STEP 3


    As discussed in step 1, after completing all the previous 2 steps only your Confirmation is left. We offer you different kind of joining service packages.You might think Why is there a discriminated payment profile? We have considered every single kind of student and the courses that he/she might take. We don't wanted to make someone pay more than what the course is worth.

    After the completion of all the three steps, only thing you need to do is think about your study/business and the rest in on us. We will give you strength to control every small things like schedule, finance balance, dates, classes, news from institutes.These things are just one click away from you and you can access them by using our cloud based web-application after logging into the application.

What is a RTO? How RTOmaster Works?

RTO, registered training organization, is an organization that provides e-learning courses that impart the users with certification and degree of the courses which are available throughout in Australia. We are master of RTO services.Integrated & cooperative functionality of Cloud web-server ,education module and tools services are the heart of RTOmaster.

"Transparency gives Control, Control gives Performance"

With our transparent pricing system, you will always know where your money is being used, how is it utilized for your convenience and for the organization. As a result, you'll have unprecedented insight and control over each section of you payment and the factors affecting it. You will know your money's true performance and can adjust your spend to get the biggest return on your investment.

Partitioning Your Spent

By knowing about the brief details of all your spendings you can manage all the regions of your expences. Where you need to spend more, from where you can save money,Controlling your money is made easy by transparency and it will increase your money performance.

Learning Management

Beside from all those hectic work, taking note of every single penny just needes to be managed. It is our work to inform you where is your collected and spent .This way you can account for all your money and it will consume less time on such tasks other than your work.


To track your work effortlessly, you ought to begin making reports of your work however it might be troublesome on the off chance that you are under alot of stress. No issue we are always here at anyr time you need us to give you frequent updates about the status of your learning,other courses and participations.

All the Feature you Dreams to be in a RTO

RTOmaster has spread its wings in Australia as the God of the arena of student management system, that has everything you need for instance classes that integrate with other business applications. Taking under consideration your study plan, it helps in better management of your RTO.

Transparent Price

"Transparency breeds trust, and trust is the foundation of great teamwork."- JOEL
Where, Why and How much? These are three questions which everyone asks. We make it very easy to let our customer understand WHERE their money is going. WHY they need to spend this much and HOW MUCH is going.

If you know why something costs as much as it cost,

it will help you in clearing your mind and reduce the burden of thinking about the money.

Why is it useful?

  • Explicit description of the product.
  • Detailed structure of your money spent to you.
  • You will know how the money is going to be utilized.
  • Overwhelmed and Trusty customers.