Students and Courses

Choose a course or training you would like to persue,go through the course structure, grab all the brief information and enroll yourself in our secured and flexible system. Find the right trainer, manager & employee or course package that is affordable and perfect solutuion to your requirements. Improve your profile by adding skills with the help of available trainings and certifications.


We offer an enriched profile generation option which helps you in getting the best experience of connecting to the trainers, students and employees. The system generates a unique system ID which is used to verify the students and it helps in picking you up from thousands of other profiles as well as it coherents your data with the system.


We help in Optimization of the information and the reports data of your education with the help of suites of the powerful design of ESOS-compliance. This is best to have an eye on your attendance and course progress. In this way you can maintain you attendance and study progress by sending notification to both the administration and the student to keep you updated with your boundaries.


eLearning is a source of learning courses and modules of your interest from a distance with the help of popular tools such as Adobe and Autodesk. All these can be published on your profile to create make it a competent one with a blend of learning environment. Upload your achievements to your profile before and after the completion of the couses to make it a strong one.


From the enrollment,during the course and till the completion of your course we will make it possible for you to manage your fees and money structure spent on our solution in a proper manner. We have authorized gateways to make online payments for enrollments that is done in just few clicks and all these details will be shared with you. No hiden charges are applied . You will always get proper report regarding your investments.

Report Builder

As transparency is the best policy in building a trustworthy business,we send you each report of your progress in your course or learning modules. We send your report to both the administration and understudy to keep a track on your current status which will help in improvement of your performance. Reports are built for educational status and financial status. We will help you to keep track of your work on regular basis.


Have the vision of a hawk on your schedules, for example when is the next class, what is the deadline of assessment, rescheduling of the classes and meeting. All these updates will be sent to your profile where you can see them and manage them. Yes, this is also connected to the cloud so that you don't worry about being outdated.Every moment will take place in real time.

API connector

It is no more your headache to move your data on cloud between the different applications that are synchronized with RTOmaster. Our new and experienced API design can make information travel between your Finance, eLearning, ERP and other applications more efficiently. Make a wide and rich interaction with the your services and improve the management of your e-life. Making all the payments online will build smart business.

Enterprise Feature

Make your business grow with our intelligent ERP solution in the face of enterprise RTO. Make your online learning system grow by reaching out to maximum number of students so that you benefit as well as the students. Make all your learning activities and certifications easily accessible to your manager. Cover all your emails and work at one place. Pick up the right candidate for your job profile by accessing the brief and rich profile of the students database.


Survey and data analysis help one to find out the status of a business and the deals associated with that business in a particular region. Evaluate a wide range of survey among your students, employees or trainers to let yourself know the scope of improvement in your business. Questioning yourself leads you to build a greater business and a wiser person. It is well said that it is better to know the level of water before swimming.


Quality assurance has always been our primary goal. We believe in delivering you the best courses and learning/training modules that can help you in building a bright career. Connect your activities and other certifications with RTO related to your standards to build a better standard and quality management system. Filter your qualitative stats as per your need and manage them with ease.


Smart management helps in conducting business in an organized and systematic manner. Proper marketing strategies can be implemeted by smart managers. Thus, it becomes easy to grab prominent market opportunities related to your clients, suppliers, students and many more. Managing is the best feature of this tool which can groom and increase the chances of your success.