Enterprise RTO Solutions

Easy to use handles

Learner Profiling

An understudy or learner can all the entity of their training or modules from the student portal provided in their profile section. You have many things to do and control in your profile section. Set up meeting schedule class and many more available join soon and enjoy the service.
Comunicate with your teammades

Accredited Training

Keep your registration scope updated by linking yourself with the government training website . By keeping your profile updated you open your doorway to the success. This create competence status and whenever it happen we will tell you that.

Create and manage schedules

Management Dashboard

They are simply like the notice board of our school. If there is an update regarding anything whether it is about class, payments of fee or bill or other things, every single entity of the system have their personal dashboard to notify other about the event, class and changes made in scheduling.
Measure everything with a few clicks

Employee Roles

Everyone plays an important role in the system like this where in one is incomplete without other. Mentors cannot do anything on their own, they need student and vice versa. We build a bridge among all you people and help you get connected with them and take the gain from our services.

A place where Enterprise RTO meet with RTOmaster :

RTOmaster has been worked to serve the requirements of RTOs inside bigger associations. Organizations can control ahead with their inward preparing and be certain that administration directions and reporting necessities are being satisfied.

Trusted by undertakings and RTOs over a scope of enterprises, RTOmaster incorporates a thorough arrangement of components including full archive/asset offices, the capacity to transfer and make connections to preparing related reports, and liquid frameworks combinations.

The framework additionally incorporates layered proficient advancement arranges, working environment exercises logging and booking for coaches, a mentor gateway for access to planned visits, email update capacities, quality pointers reporting, learner engagement and manager fulfillment studies, connecting of value change assignments to pertinent objectives, controlled administration access to direct reports learning records, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

What is a Cloud and Why are We Using it?

This is the question that have come up your mind when you first heard of it. So basically cloud is a hosting of one or several services over the internet. These services can be public or private. Give your mentors a chance to do their best work, wherever it is their work happens. RTOmaster is open by means of any web gadget, including cell phones and tablets. A hand crafted portable application gives mentors a chance to get to the data they require, quick. RTOmaster Mobile has brilliant elements that make taking care of understudies more proficient than any time in recent memory.

Reasons of using it:

  • Safe and Sound
  • Flexible/ Platform Independent
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Real time processing
  • Information are secured in encryption