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Course Management

Managing was never been this easy, where one can have control all over their class, meeting, attendance, assessment, report, certificate and finance all from a single internet enabled device. This is all made a lot handier with cloud server and fast and twisting access to the application.
Comunicate with your teammades

Finance Management

With our transparency scheme one have all the access to their money. We send you every report of your money you are spending for you in the system. This is how you can have track on your money without any problem and all at one place and e-payment, everyone know about it now.

Create and manage schedules

Resource Management

Resources are can be in the form of human or object but the main thing is that how you use them, you can build a good empire just from sand but thing is how you are using it. We help in managing all the good resources available to you and in efficient ways.
Measure everything with a few clicks

Training Management

If you go into the course or training that is none of your interest, you may feel difficulty. Follow the right one and manage when you can join the class and when not. Control more than one training and learning module classes with RTOmaster's tools cooperative with other tools of management in the system.

Controlling your Training is Easy :

RTOmaster is the web server based tool that that can run on any system independently. You can control all the services provided by your organization like assessment, scheduled classes, tracking finance and etc. All these feature are available to our registered users.

But why one need registration on a site that is just working as a bridge builder between the organization and understudy. This registration give you the features like course management, training management, submission and receiving of the document and calendar and many more.

These are not just yet ended you can have a one place mail services, online survey, you can track every inch of your history in that of your study under the institutes you have selected.

Financial model are not an easy task to build but here on RTOmaster you will feel like a professional and will manage your financial status and expenditure of money in the institute. All the report of your small to small activity is sent to the administration as well as to you.

What is a Cloud and Why are We Using it?

This is the question that have come up your mind when you first heard of it. So basically cloud is a hosting of one or several services over the internet. These services can be public or private. Give your mentors a chance to do their best work, wherever it is their work happens. RTOmaster is open by means of any web gadget, including cell phones and tablets. A hand crafted portable application gives mentors a chance to get to the data they require, quick. RTOmaster Mobile has brilliant elements that make taking care of understudies more proficient than any time in recent memory.

Reasons of using it:

  • Safe and Sound
  • Flexible/ Platform Independent
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Real time processing
  • Information are secured in encryption